10 Ideas To Write A Creative Thank You Card On Christmas

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Christmas is a great time to not be shy and show your thanks to the ones you care for. While we have different reaction towards gifts: happy, surprised, or disappointed. Cards are a bit different. When you saw an old card received years ago, memory of an old friend, an ex, or someone (used to be) special came up. So do you want to impress a special person more with a heartwarming card this year?

We've got some ideas to add more creativity to your holiday cards:

  1. Attach a photo
  2. Show your humor and make a small joke
  3. Use some other language
  4. Write a loooooooooong one
  5. Write a poem (or quote one) 
  6. Quote some lyrics of his/her favorite musicians/songs.
  7. Design the card by yourself or draw something on the card
  8. Create a comic
  9. Write on something not really a card, like write on a small scarf
  10. Write something that makes your gift choice more meaningful. Example: if you give cookies or chocolates as a gift, tell them they're sweeter than the desserts.

If you're writing a standard Thank You letter, here are some common phrases to use:

  • Greeting (make sure to spell the name of the receipt right)
  • Express your thanks, and mention some details why you really appreciate them. 
  • Let them know you are thinking of them and look forward for meeting them again.
  • Say thanks (in a different way) and add your regards

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We're holding a contest about Saying Thank You, will share some stories after the contest. 

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