Festive Christmas Collage Art Celebrating The Holiday

Digital Art By Us

Christmas is in the air again!

This is a special holiday for most people. To some people, Christmas is the warm feeling of being surrounded by Christmas trees decorated with shimmering ornaments and bright lights. Or it is the the aroma of food in the air as your mom cooks at home. Or it is the joy of unwrapping presents tied with ribbons of red and gold on Christmas mornings.

It is also a holiday of fairy tales. Do you still remember how you imagine seeing the fairy, elf, Santa and the reindeer when you were a child? Did you enjoy stories like Wizard Of Oz or Alice In The Wonderland? These collage arts were inspired by these childhood fantasies. With imagination and arrangement, everything and everywhere can be festive.

 All these collage work are posted on our Instagram and blog

Some warmth in winter

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One more #holiday #collageart

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