C-Starz News: New Arrivals & Flash Sale

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We found some special design pins for our curated pin collection. These pins/buttons are inspired by nature: texture of the trees, waves, carols under the sea. They match the style of our store pretty well: urban, sometimes a bit vintage, and a bit of humor. 

Also we'll start running a series of events:

Flash Sale: this one is live now. Each week we'll select several new products for flash sale, the discount will be 30-40% off. This will be the only time these products have a big discount. 

Besides general sales, we are more interested to try something creative. We'll have a content section called Visual Lab. We'll share more of our visual design and product ideas under testing there.

Here are some life photos one of our new pin:

A photo posted by C-Starz (@cstarzstudio) on

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