Winning Illustrations from World Illustration Award 2016

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Some of our favorite illustrations from this award. See the full list here.


01 Florian Bayer

Winner of Research & Knowledge Communication Professional: Florian Bayer


02 Julian Mallia

Winner of Advertising New Talent: Julinu


03 Forge &Morrow

Winner of Advertising Professional: Forge & Morrow


04 Jimin Kim

Winner of New Talent & Winner of Books New Talent: Jimin Kim


05 Alex T. Smith

Winner of Children's Books Professional: Alex T. Smith (UK)


06 Diego Becas Villegas

Winner of Public Realm New Talent: Diego Becas Villegas


07 Ella Cohen

Winner of Design Professional: Ella Cohen


08 Jungho Lee

Overall Winner Professional and Winner of Books Professional: Jungho Lee (Korea)

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