10 Ideas To Write A Creative Thank You Card On Christmas

 10 Ideas To Write A Creative Thank You Card On Christmas

Christmas is a great time to not be shy and show your thanks to the ones you care for. While we have different reaction towards gifts: happy, surprised, or disappointed. Cards are a bit different. When you saw an old card received years ago, memory of an old friend, an ex, or someone (used to be) special came up. So do you want to impress a special person more with a heartwarming card this year?

We've got some ideas to add more creativity to your holiday cards:

  1. Attach a photo
  2. Show your humor and make a small joke
  3. Use some other language
  4. Write a loooooooooong one
  5. Write a poem (or quote one) 
  6. Quote some lyrics of his/her favorite musicians/songs.
  7. Design the card by yourself or draw something on the card
  8. Create a comic
  9. Write on something not really a card, like write on a small scarf
  10. Write something that makes your gift choice more meaningful. Example: if you give cookies or chocolates as a gift, tell them they're sweeter than the desserts.

If you're writing a standard Thank You letter, here are some common phrases to use:

  • Greeting (make sure to spell the name of the receipt right)
  • Express your thanks, and mention some details why you really appreciate them. 
  • Let them know you are thinking of them and look forward for meeting them again.
  • Say thanks (in a different way) and add your regards

(Look Around Our Original Cards)

We'd really love to hear more Christmas stories when we were talking about Christmas in our studio. So we decided to to run a series of contests from Dec 12, 2016 to Feb 12, 2017 and start with your Thank You story.

Details of the first round:

Time: Dec 12, 2016 to Jan 1, 2017 EST

How to participate: 

  • Share a "thank you" story of you or a "Thank You" card you wrote/drew for someone special with us.
  • If you share on Instagram, just tag or DM us @cstarzstudio. If you share on reddit or your own blog, or just want to tell us, send the link or your story/photo of your card to email marketing@c-starz.com or use the contact form below

Our way of saying Thank You for sharing with us:

  • 2 $30 coupons to 2 winners selected by us.
  • 10 $10 coupons to 10 random participators (we'll use https://www.random.org/)
  • Anyone that registers on our site before Feb 12, 2017 will receive a gift for your order/s before June 30, 2017. The gift may be a beautiful extra postcard set, cool gadget or other accessory. 

Result will be revealed on Dec 22, 2016 and Jan 2, 2017. Prize will be sent to the winners by email or DM on Instagram.

We'll share some of the stories/card photos on our blog or Instagram.

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